Limited edition of 44

Each edition includes nine multicolor (fluorescent ink on Mr. French paper) screen prints. All prints are 11 x 15 inches.

Participating artists:

Sanya Glisic - “Writhe”

Onsmith - “Four Women in Transition”

Andy Burkholder - “Untitled”

Seth Scriver - “Eventually We All Meet That Big Dong Nose in the Sky”

Edie Fake - “Throne”

Joakim Ojanen - “Untitled”

Hanna Andersson - “Untitled”

Lilli CarrĂ© - “Hot Tea”

Paul Nudd - Glow in the dark liner notes

Screenprinted by Chris Kerr and Paul Nudd for the exhibition “Blaque Lyte” at Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago. October 2nd 2011 - January 9th 2012.

All prints fluoresce under black lights!

Print Suite editions available at the Blaque Lyte opening on October 29th and via or

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